Are you a trainer looking for an exceptional gym at which to train your clients?

Fortis makes it easy for you and your clients to make the transition

  • ✓ The lowest rates in the industry. Our External Trainers pay as little as $8.00 per session and even lower.
  • ✓ You charge $ what you want.
  • ✓ Scaled rates so you can train just a few sessions per month but still pay very low $ fees.
  • ✓ You do not “work” for us. You work entirely for yourself.
  • ✓ Your clients are not required to join our gym.
  • ✓ You and your clients have access to all of our services and resources
  • ✓ 24/7 access – train your clients any time. We never close.
  • ✓ We promote and offer your personal training services to our members